What is — What if?


Horizon Scanning

Figure 1: Horizon Scanning


Research through Design

Figure 2: StepCoin
Figure 3: StepCoin Vale

“We have got to get to a point where people in motor vehicles are guests in the urban environment”

Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6

The future world 2034

Figure 7
Figure 8
Figure 9
Figure 10


“The public sector requires a long term vision because we are talking about prevention practices, and also long term budgeting across different services.”

Looking Back

“We believe that by speculating more, at all levels of society, and exploring alternative scenarios, reality will become more malleable and, although the future cannot be predicted, we can help set in place today factors that will increase the probability of more desirable futures happening. And equally, factors that may lead to undesirable futures can be spotted early on and addressed or at least limited” (Dunne and Raby, 2013, p. 6).




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